Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is an animated film created by Disney in 1992. The story follows the life of Belle, a beautiful young girl who loves to spend her time reading and assisting her father Maurice with his inventions. Belle is shunned by the town for being "odd," but the town stud Gaston decides to marry her because she's "the only girl as beautiful as he is." To his dismay, Belle turns him down. One day, Belle's father gets lost in the woods and ends up in an isolated castle occupied by a terrifying Beast and talking furniture. Belle discovers that her father is a prisoner, and offers to take his place in the castle. The beast agrees to her terms, and we later discover that he is under a spell; if he can find love before his 21st birthday, then he will turn back into a handsome prince. He and Belle eventually fall in love, as she slowly discovers his sweet side underneath a vicious temper. Meanwhile, Gaston hatches a plan to kill the beast and marry Belle. He almost succeeds, but the Beast prevails in the end and Gaston falls to his doom. The beast is seriously injured from his fight with Gaston, and dies just as his time limit to find love runs out. However, Belle proclaims her love for him as he lay dying, and the spell is broken. The beast returns to a handsome prince, and the two lovers live happily ever after in his castle.

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