Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Bhangra is a traditional form of Indian dancing that originated from the Punjab RegionBhangra is characterized by upbeat music, colorful costumes, and high-energy coordinated movement. Traditionally, males participate in the dance more than females, though it's very common for routines to include female dancers. Some teams, such as Michigan State's Bhangra team, is comprised of all female dancers, but this is uncommon. Although it's dominated by Punjabi Indians, many non-Punjabi people participate in the form of dance. "Dance and music breaks all cultural and racial barriers. There's definitely no limit to who can try out and who's on the team; if you're really good, you're really good. They tend to be mostly Punjabi, but it's getting diversified. Everyone is welcome," said MSU Bhangra captain Sharmila Kulkarni.

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