Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MSU Wants Tosh.0 to Film an Episode On Campus

        Many Michigan State University students have created unique video entries in response to Daniel Tosh's competition to decide which college campus at which to film a live episode.
        Two entries urging Tosh to pick MSU have been particularly popular online and seem to be Michigan State's biggest chance for success.
        The first entry, coordinated by sophomore Erin O'Donnell, features over 100 students dancing in a choreographed routine at the MSU Union. The video has received over 6,000 views.
“I was looking at the other videos submitted, and they were just really pathetic. They were a bunch of drinking videos, so I wanted to make a really coordinated video that followed the rules of the contest,” O’Donnell said. “I wanted to make a nice video that would show MSU has fun together, but that we don’t need to degrade our school in order to do so.”
The second entry, features student Nicholas Dressel comically challenging Daniel Tosh to a fight. The video has received over 4,800 views.
1.               “It was not pre-planned. There were people in the hallway saying, “Hey, would you like to make a video challenging Daniel Tosh to fight you?” And instantly I did want to challenge him to fight me, and for someone to just ask me that was like a dream come true," Dressel said.
            Both O'Donnell and Dressel said even if their specific entry doesn't win the competition, they'll be happy if a fellow MSU entry does.

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