Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Underage Drinking at MSU

    According to health educator Rebecca Allen, who works within the MSU Health Education Services for Alcohol and Other Drugs Program, underage drinking is not as large of a problem as many people think. Research for MSU Social Norms statistics show that many students are responsible about consuming alcohol. “What we’ve seen is that by and large most students drink responsibly most of the time, regardless of age. If they’re under the age of 21 that certainly places them in a greater risk of harm," Allen said. "They need to understand that, but I would say that doesn’t mean that they can’t drink responsibly."
     MSU Police Department Sergeant Florene McGlothian Taylor agrees with Allen, and said that the underage drinking problem on campus is not horrible. Taylor acknowledged that many students drink underage and do so without major harm, but stands firm that, "The law is the law."
    Taylor said that when police are out patrolling, they look for students causing trouble as opposed to any minor that's been drinking peacefully.

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